I am an experienced-based consultant, advisor, and business owner. Educated in NZ, careered in Australia, a business owner in Asia, and consulted in USA, Europe and Asia. After many years of observation I have come to a simple rule: Everything I market brand and develop today must first satisfy just two basic criteria for success:

  1. 1.It must be Different

  2. 2.Very Useful

For instance, my latest marketing project, Delowie Bra Straps, invented by a multi-talented young lawyer: It is truly different and very useful. Brilliant yet simple! And gives a wow! factor. Visit and get wowed.

If you have a business and it is stuck in a rut then it is time to book an introduction biz session with me: I can help put it on track - but we have to get the two rules in place first if your business does not possess them. Join the many entrepreneurs and business executives who have benefited from my workshops, clinics and advice. Why not benefit from decades of my hands-on experience in industries across: tobacco, beer, confectionery, food, beverage, health supplements, ICT, telecommunications, media, fashion, and mentoring: book a Free Intro Biz Session with me.

Why am I confident I can help you? Because I have operational experience from the bottom up: packing herbs and spices in a factory to trolleying drinks into thousands of cafes and shops; and managing brands with multimillion dollar budgets; to helping a business IPO for USD2bn. You also have the benefit of my cross-border and cross-cultural experiences.

I am truly hands-on. I build, maintain and support all my websites personally, for example. A living dinosaur in a digital age. It is not the fittest that survives; it is the most adaptive that wins.

David Lo


To Live, Laugh, Love, and Leave a Legacy


David Lo